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I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

Silent Sid by Jessica Parkin 

24th Oct – 8th Nov

Genre: Children’s Fiction

Age: 2- 6


Do you have a silent budgie?

When Asaf and Lottie buy a budgie at the market, things go a bit quiet. Sid won’t talk if you scratch his head, or if you bribe him with a raisin. But when he falls into the cake mixture, everything changes.

An amusing easy reader about pet birds with great illustrations.

Enjoy the Tilly Tales series in ebook or in paperback.

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My Review

This is a charming little children’s book that wasn’t at all what I expected. The characters are: Sid, the little bird, Asaf and Lottie. Sid is a quiet little parakeet whose favorite treat was a raisin. When Lottie was making tea cakes, she left the kitchen for a minute. Sid fell into the mixture and got very sticky. What was going to happen next?

This book is filled with humor and children are going to love laughing along. The illustrations are bright and cheerful, while the character’s personalities are clear. I recommend this little book and you will be reading this one to your child quite often.

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