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Shadows in the Mind’s Eye Book Tour

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion. Affiliate link included. Purchases made through my links cost you nothing extra, but help me earn a small fee.

Shadows in the Mind's Eye cover

Shadows in the Mind’s Eye by Janyre Tromp

About the Book

Charlotte Anne Mattas longs to turn back the clock. Before her husband, Sam, went to serve his country in the war, he was the man everyone could rely on–responsible, intelligent, and loving. But the person who’s come back to their family farm is very different from the protector Annie remembers. Sam’s experience in the Pacific theater has left him broken in ways no one can understand–but that everyone is learning to fear.

Tongues start wagging after Sam nearly kills his own brother. Now when he claims to have seen men on the mountain when no one else has seen them, Annie isn’t the only one questioning his sanity and her safety. If there were criminals haunting the hills, there should be evidence beyond his claims. Is he really seeing what he says, or is his war-tortured mind conjuring ghosts?

Annie desperately wants to believe her husband. But between his irrational choices and his nightmares leaking into the daytime, she’s terrified he’s going mad. Can she trust God to heal Sam’s mental wounds–or will sticking by him mean keeping her marriage at the cost of her own life?

Debut novelist Janyre Tromp delivers a deliciously eerie, Hitchcockian story filled with love and suspense. Readers of psychological thrillers and historical fiction by Jaime Jo Wright and Sarah Sundin will add Tromp to their favorite authors list.

Janyre Tromp is a historical novelist whose loves spinning tales that, at their core, hunt for beauty, even when it isn’t pretty. She’s the author of Shadows in the Mind’s Eye and coauthor of It’s a Wonderful Christmas.

She’s also a book editor, published children’s book author, and lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with her family, two crazy cats, and a slightly eccentric Shetland Sheepdog. And if you ever meet in person, you pronounce that first name Jan-ear.

You can find her on InstagramTwitterFacebook, and her website, (where you can grab a free copy of her novella Wide Open).

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My Review

Up in the Arkansas hills is a young wife and daughter awaiting the arrival of the WWII soldier that can bring stability to their lives, but it isn’t to be. This dark and intense story will have you staying up much too late to read another few chapters. The voices of Anna and her husband Sam are speaking throughout the book in their regional slang. I loved the stories of the night time scenes, which caused me to hold my breath, reading to see what would happen next.

The young mother had help while Sam was fighting, from his mother, his brother, and his best friend. The small farm was barely surviving and they often had to take charity from Anna’s corrupt father. When Sam came home he was tormented by the visions and nightmares of war, and he often hurt those around him. But, were the things he saw in the night real or just more of his crazy behavior?

Shadow In The Mind’s Eye is tied for my favorite book this year, and I think you’ll love it! The book is amazingly written and left me wanting more from this writer.

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