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She’s rescued a knight

Now she needs the favour returned…

When widowed Lady Johanne happens upon an injured knight, she sees an opportunity to form an alliance and protect her home, Castle Brae, from her enemies. The betrothal she proposes might be merely for appearances, but the very real attraction between her and Sir Alewyn thrills and disturbs her. For it’s clear he’s hiding something… Can she trust him, with so much at stake?

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Ella Matthews lives and works in beautiful South Wales. She writes medieval romances for Mills & Boon. When not thinking about handsome heroes she can be found walking along the coast with her husband and their two children (probably still thinking about heroes but at least pretending to be interested in everyone else).

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Twitter @ellamattauthor

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Thank you to Lisa’s Reading for having me on your blog. Below is an extract from Secrets of her Forbidden Knight. Alewyn, the hero, has been found by the heroine of the story, Johanne. He’s been badly injured and is unsure quite what is going on. It’s at this point of the story that he accidentally involves himself in a lie which has consequences for him later on.

Alewyn woke slowly, his head pounding and his whole body aching as if he’d fought an entire army of Frenchmen.

His forehead itched but his limbs were too heavy to scratch the sensation away.

‘Are you awake?’ a female voice whispered.

He stopped breathing. What had happened last night? He didn’t remember bedding anyone. Had he been drinking and lost control of his actions? But no. He’d been on his way somewhere. Benedictus, his leader, had sent him. There was a mission and that meant there was no time for drinking or bedding or enjoyment of any sort. Not if he was to fulfil his promise to himself.

‘I can see your eyelids flickering. Do you know where you are?’ The voice continued to question him but he had no strength to answer. ‘Do you know what happened before you were injured?’

No, he definitely hadn’t bedded this woman. He would never go for someone so persistent. Alewyn’s eyelids were heavy and refused his commands to open.

‘Do you know what you were doing on the path?’

Alewyn licked his lips. Perhaps if he answered her she would stop. ‘No… I don’t…’ His voice sounded croaky, as if he had imbibed too many ales. He knew nothing about the path about which she was talking.

‘You don’t remember anything?’

Alewyn shook his head. Why wouldn’t this woman stop talking and give him a moment to think?

‘No… I…’ He wanted to say that he knew who he was; he just couldn’t remember how he found himself to be in the position he was in now. He wanted to ask where he was and explain that he knew nothing about paths and ask why his body ached so much. But his thoughts were swirling and nothing made sense. Words failed him and the world went black again.


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