Magster and the Light of the Ladybird Book Tour

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Magster Cover

Children’s Fantasy

Date Published: 4 May 2022

Publisher: SilverWood Books

Magster the Cockapoo and her human daddy, Paul, go for a walk in the woods. A mysterious stranger recruits her as a special agent for the Mystic Council of Mages. Her first mission is to protect the “Light of the Ladybird” and so their adventures begin. After a nail-biting duel, Magster’s reputation as a force to be reckoned with is sealed; her work for the Mystic Council of Mages has only just begun.


So begins the story of the magical adventures of a cockapoo named Maggie. Maggie was not a big dog. Most cockapoos aren’t. She was more like a small- to medium-sized dog and was the cutest little ball of fur that you would ever meet. Some might say that she was a light-brown colour but then again, others might say that she was a dar​k yellow. But her size, colour and cuteness were not important. What was important was that today her life would change. 

About the Author

KIT BUTLER lives in the Midlands. He has been an avid reader since childhood but his real passion for writing came a lot later in life. He spent his previous years as a professional session guitarist and published composer. Kit then worked in digital media sales and later as a commercial director and consultant, before he started writing in a professional capacity. Kit is the author of Magster and the Light of the Ladybird, which is the first book in a series of adventures for Magster.

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