Alphabet Anatomy: Meet the Capital Letters

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Alphabet Anatomy: Meet the Capital Letters by Linda Ann Jones

Illustrator: Branson Jones

Ages: 3-8 years


Easily teach the alphabet AND foster letter recognition skills with fun alphabet rhymes!

Children will delight in seeing Alphabet Anatomy’s lovable letters come to life based on their unique graphic features in a creative and imaginative way that they can relate to. Learning letters and sounds, and their shapes, is achieved in a memorable way; and the barrier that many early learners and emergent readers face of letters being mere abstract shapes is diminished.

Each rhyme seamlessly promotesthe early reading skill of letter recognition — which experts agree is thebest predictor of a child’s ability to attain reading proficiency. The rhymes uniquely present an auditory and visual picture of each letter’s name, sound, and shape. Playful learning is effectively fostered through rhyme, because rhyme is a form of play!


Linda Jones was born in Albany, NY, and resides in Arizona with the loves of her life: a firefighter/husband and 4 extraordinary sons. She knows words are magical and is sure that hers will make you smile!

My Review

Learning the letters is an important part of growing up and preparing to read. Children start with capital letters, and the book, Alphabet Anatomy: Meet the Capital Letters, will help them learn. This rhyming book is bright and filled with vivid colors. The letters are animated and they explain their shapes in the rhymes. Each page has a new letter of the alphabet. The book is very cute and the rhymes are catchy. I’m sure that children of a young age will want to read this book over and over. It makes learning fun!

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  1. I love this! This book will make an awesome gift for any one of my youngest grandchildren. I have eighteen so far ages ranging from one year to eighteen years old.

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