A Tale of Two Shoes

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A Tale of Two Shoes by Helen Haraldsen  (Author), Steve Hutton (Illustrator)

Genre: Kids Fiction – age 5-8

Pages: 40

A Tale of Two Shoes

They thought they’d be together forever.

They were wrong.

Shane and Shelia shoe are a pair. They were made for each other. They never expected to be separated. After all, what use is a shoe without its partner?

When Shane and Sheila find themselves all alone in the world, they think they have no purpose or value without each other.

Two shoes desperate for hope. 

For their lives to change, they’ll need a helping hand.

A story that shows how new friendships help us to grow and broaden our horizons. Readers agree that this story is a conversation starter for a range of real-life issues.

Author Bio

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Helen is a secondary school English teacher and also runs a school library.  She lives on the edge of the Lake District in Cumbria with her husband and their family of animals: horses, dogs, ducks, geese and hens.

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My Review

This is a story of two little red shoes. Their names are Shane and Sheila. They are cute little red shoes and the story starts as they are being made in a Chinese factory.

They make it to a store and are purchased for a little girl named Poppy. She’s a headstrong little tot who loves her shoes and they love her. One day as Poppy’s family is driving down the street, Poppy has a temper tantrum and throws Sheila out the window.

When the family arrived home, Poppy’s mom threw Shane in the trash. He ended in the landfill. The rest of the book describes the various adventures that the shoes are on. They have many sad experiences as they are moved by the weather and various animals.

Although Shane and Sheila never see each other again, they are found by people who use them for good. There is a wonderful lesson in the book about how when things don’t go the way you want, there is still good that can come from it.

This is a well-written and charming story. It offers parents the opportunity to discuss many moral lessons. I recommend it.

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