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Amazon says:

We admire them. We want to be them.

But we don’t understand how they do it.

How do commercial real estate investors create portfolios worth billions? As an experienced investor, you know that patience and hard work are equally as important as trying to take your available cash and leverage it toward your next deal. But according to real estate advisor Brent Sprenkle, building a substantial portfolio requires a unique drive to weather any storm and keep pushing forward.

In Billion Dollar Portfolio, Brent shows you how to purchase multiple investment properties and maximize your growth by leveraging your resources—even the ones you didn’t know you had. You’ll learn how to find the right properties, finance and reposition them, increase their value, and sell or refinance them for a profit. With the stories of his most successful investors, you’ll see how you too can endure the ups and downs of the business to ultimately build your own billion-dollar portfolio.

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