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Oi Gets Lost

Written by Lorna Likiza

Illustrated by Yevheniia Melnyk

Ages 6+ | 124 Pages

Publisher: Bright Lights Books | ISBN-13: 9781739985318

Publisher’s Synopsis: Set in Kenya, Oi is a naughty kitten who lives with his Mummy and siblings in an outdoor shed. Despite Mummy’s warnings, Oi has a tendency of wandering off and exploring. But one day, after nearly being attacked by a dog, Oi ends up in an unfamiliar neighborhood. And this time, he’s not sure he’ll be able to find his way back home…

Oi’s adventure is sure to delight children and cat-lovers alike.

‘A brave and vivid adventure’ —Ijeoma Isichei

‘A sheer delight for all kids, a gem of a story’ —Okenna Nzelu




Lorna Likiza, author


Lorna Likiza is a Kenyan writer, tutor of French, and Founder of the Heroe Book Fair. Oi Gets Lost is her first published book. She considers Literature as one of her passions and lives in Mombasa.


This children’s book is a real page turner. It’s a story of a little cat who lives with his family in a deserted shed. They catch rats to survive. But Oi is naughty and loves to leave the safety of the yard. He wants to explore the world. After all the warnings from his mother and siblings, he continues to explore. He barely survives the danger of getting run over, but keeps going out each day. When he gets lost, a kind woman takes him home so that he can eat the rats in her backyard.

Oi meets the inside cat and they become friends. He barely survives there by killing a few rats outside. His friend helps him to go back to his family on a garbage truck.
This book is written so well and as you hear the voice of Oi, you feel like you’re there with him as he lives out his adventures. The illustrations are perfect and the colors and movement are superb. Children will love the expressions of Oi the cat and will want to have this book read to them many times.


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