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I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion. 

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To get away from her late husband’s questionable deeds, Ella Winslow takes her three children and heads west to the unsettled Washington Territory to claim land she believes she’s inherited from her father.

Tucker McAlister was fired from his position as deputy marshal for arresting the mayor’s brother-in-law for spousal abuse. His mentor has found him another job, first escorting the wagon train going west, and then as the new marshal in the growing town of Tacoma, Washington Territory.

The trail is long and hard, yet Ella is more than up to the task. Still, Tuck feels the need to watch over her and her children, whether she wants him to or not. It isn’t until they arrive in Washington that he realizes his protection will now need to extend even further than the wagon train itself.

Will Ella’s faith allow her to trust again and make a safe home for her family, while welcoming Tuck into her heart?

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Over the course of the next five days, both she and Thomas took turns working with Connor to learn the most efficient way of harnessing the four large Percheron horses to the wagon. Then, right on schedule, they pulled the oversized, custom-made, wagon out into the yard behind the farmhouse.

Connor had attached the canvas cover at the last minute, the enclosure making the huge prairie-schooner all the more impressive. Her father had truly outdone himself with the vessel they’d christened Miller’s Folly.

“It’s time to finish loading everything so we can get on the road,” Ella announced, her words sending all three children scurrying toward their rooms in search of their belongings.

“I’ve loaded the food stores into the bottom bins so you won’t have to lift them down. You can just open the lid and scoop out what you need,” Connor reminded her. “Your sewing supplies are in the smaller bin right above your treadle machine.”

“You’ve anchored it to the side of the wagon?”

“As tight as I could. You’ll still need to be careful because it’s heavy. Make sure you check the ropes every day to see that the knot is taut.”

“I will. I promise.” The very last thing she wanted was to damage the one thing she’d need in order to earn money for her family once they’d reached their new home.

“I’ve stored the horses’ supplemental feed in the compartments father built along the outside of the wagon, and placed an extra set of tack in the compartment under the wagon bed next to the water barrels.”

“Are you sure you’re okay with my selling the horses once we’ve reached our destination? After all, they were left to you too.”

Connor slid his arm around her shoulders and pulled her to his side. “I got the farm as my part of our inheritance. You wanted the deed, the wagon, and the horses, so they’re yours. I’d bet you’ll get a pretty penny for them—and the wagon—once you no longer need them anymore.”

“I’d like to hang onto the wagon, if I can,” she admitted. “As a memento of sorts, I suppose.”

“Whatever you decide is up to you. Heaven knows there’s enough hardwood in that thing to heat a small hearth for months.”

She swatted at his arm. “I’ll not be burning it either, no matter what.”

By half-past eight, with everything loaded, and hugs given to their aunt, Jacob and Callie held out their arms for Connor to boost them into the back of the wagon before he closed and tied down the flaps. Thomas took his seat at the front, next to his mother.

“If it feels like the horses are getting away from you, pull them up as best as you can,” Connor instructed. “Are you sure I can’t ride in the wagon with you?”

“I need to know I can do this myself, without you there to grab the reins away from me.”

Connor’s deep chuckle was his first show of humor in days. “Fine, but I’ll be right behind you.”

“You really don’t have to follow us all the way to St. Joseph,” she reminded him. “It’s only a day’s ride. We’ll be there by nightfall.”

“I’m not doing this for you,” he clarified. “It’s for me. I’d worry myself to an early grave if I let you go off not knowing for sure you could handle the team.”

“Well then, mount up, because I’m pulling out.” Ella snapped the reins, and the horses surged forward. The wagon shuddered, then settled, the big wheels rolling smoothly over the dirt.

About the Author:

Nancy Fraser is a best-selling and award-winning author who happily jumps across multiple romance genres with gleeful abandon.

She’s also the granddaughter of a Methodist minister known for his fire-and-brimstone approach to his faith. Nancy has brought some of his spirit into her Christian romances. And, her own off-beat sense of humor to her clean & wholesome books.

When not writing (which is almost never), Nancy dotes on her five wonderful grandchildren and looks forward to traveling and reading when time permits. Nancy lives in Atlantic Canada where she enjoys the relaxed pace and colorful people.


What makes a good western romance? Ella has all the adventure, danger, and love that’s needed to keep you entertained. When a widow with three children must head west for a new beginning, Ella has the perfect method for travel. Instead of waiting a few years to ride a train, she decides to travel in her father’s custom wagon on a wagon train to the Washington Territory. She has a claim on a home that her father had built and left.

She and her children step out in faith and join the wagon train with several other families. They’re thankful to be getting extra protection from a young US Marshall, Tucker McAlister. They are both attracted to one another. On the trail, they come across hot weather, rattlesnakes, and more! When they arrive at the home Ella plans to live in, she finds that the Railroad has taken possession and she’ll need a new plan. Tucker convinces her to travel on to Tacoma with him, where he promises to find her a place to live and set up her seamstress shop.

Ella doesn’t know what to expect, but her children are excited for more adventures. Will Tacoma be a good place for her and the children? Will she be able to afford a place to live? What will become of the new romance between her and Tucker?

If you love a clean romance and plenty of action, you’ll enjoy reading Ella. This is a short and easy read, but it’s a fun book with plenty to keep you turning the pages.

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Ruby’s Choice Book Tour

Christian Romance

Date Published: 02-22-2022

20-year-old Ruby Gale has a secret. After all, unmarried women in 1895 can’t be too careful. Especially when it comes to matters of business – not to mention the human heart.

After the untimely deaths of their parents at a young age, Ruby is grateful for her older brother Simon, a prominent attorney in the small town of Divine, CO, for caring for her during her formative years. However, now that she’s reached 20 years of age and is looking towards marriage, Ruby wishes he could see her as the woman she’s become instead of the child she once was. Eager to take on the responsibilities of adulthood, Ruby agrees to invest in a greeting card business with several of the other ladies she knows in town.

Valentine’ Day is just around the corner, so the timing couldn’t be better. However, because some of the married ladies suspect their husbands may not welcome the idea of their wives working, it’s decided that the card-marking activity will take place under the guise of tea parties to avoid suspicion.

The talk amongst the unwed members of the group – including Ruby – soon turns to prospective beaus and secret crushes and suddenly unsigned valentines begin showing up in the hands of the most eligible bachelors all over town. Rumors and speculations abound, and everyone thinks they know who’s sweet on who. Suddenly, Ruby not only has to sort out the identities of the secret admirers, but also answer the question of which man to give her own heart – and why.

About the Author

Annee Jones is a heartwarming romance and soon-to-be cozy mystery author who enjoys sharing her heart and imagination with others. She is passionate about writing stories that offer readers a place where dreams come true!

Professionally, Annee works as a disability counselor where she helps her clients navigate through complex medical and legal systems while rediscovering their wholeness in Spirit.

Annee also enjoys freelance writing for Publishers Weekly and multiple publishing companies.

Subscribe to Annee’s newsletter on her website: www.anneejones.com

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Bridges Book Blitz

Linda Griffin
Published by: The Wild Rose Press
Publication date: April 25th 2022
Genres: Adult, Historical Romance

In 1963, Neil Vincent, a middle-aged World War II veteran and “Christian atheist” is working at Westfield Court as a chauffeur. He spends most of his spare time reading. Mary Claire DeWinter is a young, blind, Catholic college student and reluctant heiress. To secure her inheritance, she has to marry within a year, and her aunt is pressuring her to marry a rich man who teased and bullied her when she was a child. Neil and Mary Claire shouldn’t even be friends, but the gulf between them is bridged by a shared love of books. Can they cross the bridge to more?

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo


On the drive to Brierly Station, he didn’t speculate about who Miss DeWinter might be. It wasn’t his job to know who she was, only to meet her train and take her safely back to Westfield Court. She wouldn’t be the last of the friends and relatives who would gather as the old man’s life came to its long-awaited and peaceful end.

Brierly was bustling today, as restless as the St. James household. He was in plenty of time for the train and sat in the car reading. The car was a Bentley Mark VI, as well-maintained and highly polished as it was the day it was purchased. The book he was reading was Thomas Hardy’s The Return of the Native.

When the train rumbled in, he got out of the car. He stood patiently on the platform as the passengers disembarked, holding up a small slate on which he had chalked DEWINTER in large capitals. There weren’t many passengers, but they were briefly delayed while the conductor helped a blind woman navigate the steps. Neil’s gaze fell expectantly on a woman in her thirties, with an awful hat, but she was immediately met by a portly man and a teenage boy. No other likely prospects appeared, and he waited for someone to respond to the sign. No one did.

Finally, only two passengers were left on the platform—a small, homely man and the blind woman. Blind girl, really. She couldn’t be more than twenty. She had a jointed white cane, and her large sunglasses didn’t cover the edges of the scars on her face. She would not have been beautiful even without the scars—too thin, for starters, of average height but with small bones. On the other hand, her face might once have been pretty, and her hair was clean and shining, raven black, and well brushed. She was too pale, and the scars around her eyes were red and ugly. She looked a little lost.

Feeling foolish, he lowered the slate. “Miss DeWinter?” he asked as he approached her.

“Yes,” she said, turning toward his voice with a smile.

“I’m Vincent,” he said. “The St. James chauffeur.”

“Pleased to meet you, Mr. Vincent,” she said. “Thank you for meeting me.” Her voice was soft, her enunciation perfect.

The porter fetched her luggage—a single gray vinyl suitcase with a flower decal—from the depot and turned it over to Neil with a cheerful nod. Jane would be disappointed, especially if the girl’s other clothes were as plain as what she wore, a simple dark dress with long sleeves and an unfashionable, below-the-knees hemline. “Would you take my arm?” he asked, positioning himself so she could place her hand in the crook of his elbow, which she did with easy confidence.

“Do you have a Christian name?” she asked.

“Yes, miss. It’s Neil.”

“That’s a good name,” she said. “Mine is Mary Claire. How is my grandfather, do you know?”

Neil, who hadn’t known the old man had any grandchildren, said, “Hanging on, miss.”

He opened the car door and helped her into the back seat.

“You don’t have to call me ‘miss’ all the time,” she said. “Please call me Mary Claire. Or my friends at school call me Sunny.”

“Yes, miss,” he said automatically and closed the door.

Author Bio:

For more information, visit my website, sign up for my newsletter, and claim a free autographed copy of Stonebridge: https://www.lindagriffinauthor.com/

I was born and raised in San Diego, California and earned a BA in English from San Diego State University and an MLS from UCLA. I began my career as a reference and collection development librarian in the Art and Music Section of the San Diego Public Library and then transferred to the Literature and Languages Section, where I had the pleasure of managing the Central Library’s Fiction collection and initiating fiction order lists for the entire library system. Although I also enjoy reading biography, memoir, and history, fiction remains my first love. In addition to the three R’s—reading, writing, and research—I enjoy Scrabble, movies, and travel.

My earliest ambition was to be a “book maker” and I wrote my first story, “Judy and the Fairies,” with a plot stolen from a comic book, at the age of six. I broke into print in college with a story in the San Diego State University literary journal, The Phoenix, but most of my magazine publications came after I left the library to spend more time on my writing.

My stories have been published in numerous journals, including Eclectica, Thema Literary Journal, The Binnacle, The Nassau Review, Orbis, and Avalon Literary Review, and in the anthologies Short Story America, Vol. 2, The Captive and the Dead, and Australia Burns. Four stories, including one as yet unpublished, received honorable mention in the Short Story America Prize for Short Fiction contests.

Member of RWA, Authors Guild, and Sisters in Crime

Website / Goodreads / Twitter / Instagram

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Inheritance of Secrets Blog & Review Tour

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

Inheritance of Secrets Blog + Review Tour

Welcome to the Blog + Review Tour for Inheritance of Secrets by Robin Patchen, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


Inheritance of SecretsTitle: Inheritance of Secrets Series: Coventry Saga #6 Author: Robin Patchen Publisher: JDO Publishing Release Date: April 19, 2022 Genre: Christian romantic suspense From a USA Today bestselling author comes the latest in the edge-of-your-seat Christian romantic suspense series that will keep you reading all night long. “I didn’t do right by your mother. Or by you. Find her and do what I never had the courage to do.” Her father’s deathbed confession changed everything for Aspen Kincaid. The mystery of her mother’s disappearance was unsolvable, or so she’d believed. It seemed her dad had lied to her all her life. After inheriting a house in New Hampshire—a house Aspen hadn’t known her father owned—she travels thousands of miles, desperate to fulfill his dying wish. But some residents of Coventry don’t want Jane Kincaid’s daughter digging into things they think should remain buried forever. Renovating the secluded old house on the mountain should be the next step in Garrett McCarthy’s contracting career, but Aspen’s arrival in town stirs up old animosities in Coventry that he’d known nothing about. All he wants is to complete the job, hoping it’ll open doors to new opportunities. But when he’s asked to keep an eye on Aspen’s activities, he feels he can’t refuse. How can he honor his beautiful, vulnerable client and remain loyal to the people who need his help? Join Aspen and Garrett as they attempt to solve a thirty-year-old mystery—without becoming its latest victims. Page-turning suspense, heartwarming romance, and a plot-twisting mystery that’ll keep you guessing until the very end. Preorder Inheritance of Secrets today. PURCHASE LINKS*: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | BookDepository | BookBub



Robin Patchen

Robin Patchen is a USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of Christian romantic suspense. She grew up in a small town in New Hampshire, the setting of her Nutfield and Coventry Saga books, and then headed to Boston to earn a journalism degree. Working in marketing and public relations, she discovered how much she loathed the nine-to-five ball and chain. After relocating to the Southwest, she started writing her first novel while she homeschooled her three children. The novel was dreadful, but her passion for storytelling didn’t wane. Thankfully, as her children grew, so did her writing ability. Now that her kids are adults, she has more time to play with the lives of fictional heroes and heroines, wreaking havoc and working magic to give her characters happy endings. When she’s not writing, she’s editing or reading, proving that most of her life revolves around the twenty-six letters of the alphabet. Visit https://robinpatchen.com/subscribe to receive a free book and stay informed about Robin’s latest projects.CONNECT WITH ROBIN:Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


If you love reading books that are real page-turners, Inheritance of Secrets is going to be one of your favorites. This award-winning author really captures the attention of the reader and they will picture each scene in their minds. That’s what awesome books do! In this Christian romantic suspense, the two main characters are very deep and we learn about their physical, mental, and spiritual lives. I love how they go through significant trials and yet go to God for help and wisdom. Because of this, their prayers are answered.

This story is filled with non-stop action, drama, and danger. Aspen and Garrett are so different but they fall in love as they endure a lot of anguish. When Aspen arrives in the small town, her mission is to sell a house that her father left her for an inheritance. But, she also wants to find the secret to her mother’s disappearance thirty years ago.

The town knows many of the secrets and they let her know that she’s not welcome. Her mother was a bi-polar activist who murdered a local lady. She then disappeared and Aspen’s father moved the two of them to Hawaii. After her father’s death she returned to her place of birth to find out where her mother was. But, was that what her father intended? Why was someone trying to kill her?

This was a fun read. I loved the suspense and the gentle, clean romance.


(1) winner will receive a $25 Amazon gift card and paperback copies of the first 5 books in the series, Glimmer in the Darkness, Tides of Duplicity, Betrayal of Genius, Traces of Virtue, and Touch of Innocence!

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A Rose for the Resistance Takeover Tour

A Rose for the Resistance JustRead Takeover Tour

Welcome to the Takeover Tour for A Rose for the Resistance by Angela K. Couch, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


A Rose for the Resistance Title: A Rose for the Resistance Series: Heroines of WWII Author: Angela K. Couch Publisher: Barbour Fiction Release Date: April 1, 2022 Genre: Christian, Historical Romance A French Woman and German Soldier Create a Truce With her father in a German POW camp and her home in Ste Mere Eglise, France, under Nazi occupation, Rosalie Barrieau will do anything to keep her younger brother safe. . .even from his desire to join the French resistance. Until she falls into the debt of a German solder—one who delivers a wounded British pilot to her door. Though not sure what to make of her German ally, Rosalie is thrust deep into the heart of the local underground. As tensions build toward the allied invasion of Normandy, she must decide how much she is willing to risk for freedom. Full of intrigue, adventure, and romance, this new series celebrates the unsung heroes—the heroines of WWII. PURCHASE LINKS*: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository | Indiebound | Christianbook | BookBub



Angela K Couch

To keep from freezing in the great white north, Angela K. Couch cuddles under quilts with her laptop. Winning short story contests, being a semi-finalist in ACFW’s Genesis Contest, and a finalist in the 2016 International Digital Awards also helped warm her up. As a passionate believer in Christ, her faith permeates the stories she tells. Her martial arts training, experience with horses, and appreciation for good romance sneak in as well. When not writing, she stays fit (and toasty warm) by chasing after five munchkins.

CONNECT WITH ANGELA: Website | Facebook | Twitter


(1) winner will receive a print copy of A Rose for the Resistance and a $15 Amazon egift card!

A Rose for the Resistance JustRead Giveaway

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Meow Is Not A Cat Book Tour

This post is in partnership with The Children’s Book Review and Kelly Tills. Affiliate link may also be added. Purchase through my link and this site earns a small fee.

Meow Is Not A Cat Cover


Meow Is Not a Cat

Written by Kelly Tills

Illustrated by Max Saladrigas

Ages 4+ | 44 Pages

Publisher: FDI Publishing LLC | ISBN-13: 9781736700488

Publisher’s Synopsis: Meow is definitely not a cat. Cats lick their butts. Follow along as this wild child’s unique way of following instructions ends up going a little bananas.

Meow Is Not Cat is a completely goofy story, guaranteed to make kids laugh. With a cynical cat, wild monkeys, butt jokes, and a banana cannon, even pre-readers will love shouting out their favorite parts as you read aloud. Nestled among the laughs is a lesson about how embracing a person’s different way of interpreting the world can lead to surprisingly good results —and bananas, lots of bananas.



Author, Kelly Tills


Kelly Tills is the creator of her own uniquely shaped family. Kindness, neurodiversity, and potty humor are her jam. She writes silly stories for kids and believes even the smallest hat-tip, in the simplest of books, can teach our kids how to approach the world. Kelly’s children’s stories are perfect to read aloud to your little humans or to have your older kids read to you (hey, let them flex those new reading skills!). Either way, you’ll enjoy the giggles.

For more information, visit:





I’m pleased to be able to review this very silly book. A little girl has a nickname, Meow. As she introduces herself, she says she’s not a cat, but she does have a cat. Her cat is grumpy and not cuddly at all. Meow looks at the world a little differently and sometimes people and teachers don’t understand her. But, she can have some marvelous ideas that other children don’t come up with. This adorable book is filled with very ridiculous words, rhymes, and actions. Children will laugh as they read this story and enjoy the illustrations and the crazy butt poetry and dancing with monkeys.


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A copy of Meow Is Not a Cat

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