Almondine Book Blitz


The girl from the almond tree

Children’s Book, Children’s Fantasy and magical realism

Published: January 2021

Publisher: GZ Books

Alma’s life changed when she discovered an adorable tiny creature inside an almond. She named her Almondine and it became her secret. But as the curious and funny little girl grew, something strange and magical began to happen.

Enriched with elegant illustrations on nearly every page, Almondine is the first title in a trilogy narrating the adventures of two very special girls.

The Almondine Book Series follows the life and adventures of a teeny-weeny girl born from an almond tree. Illustrated on nearly every page, the story’s overarching themes of friendship, family relationships and adventure aim to engage mostly with primary school readers.

About the Almondine Series:

Almondine is a three part book series following the life and adventures of a teeny-weeny girl born from an almond tree. She is discovered by 8-year-old Alma, who takes care of her as a baby and young girl, and with whom she shares many unexpected experiences. Almondine is a very special little girl indeed, with a crazy story to tell and an explosive surprise in store for her dear foster mother and friend Alma.

Illustrated on nearly every page, the story’s overarching themes of friendship, family relationships and adventure aim to engage mostly with primary school readers.

Books in the Almondine Series:

Almondine: The girl from the almond tree

Almondine Grows Up: The challenge of freedom

Almondine’s Babies: Alma’s mission


About the Author

Gabriele Zucchelli is an animation director, whose work includes cartoon characters, realistic animals and fantastical creatures. He has contributed to several hand-drawn productions and blockbuster CGI movies including Harry Potter, Disney’s latest Lion King and the Oscar-winning Jungle Book. The Almondine trilogy is his first series of children’s novels.

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A Wider World Book Blitz


The Tudor Court, Book Two

Historical Fiction

Release Date: April 25, 2021

Publisher: Authors 4 Authors Publishing

Memories are all he has…

Now they could save his life.

Returning to England after almost five years in exile, Robin Lewis is arrested and charged with heresy by the dying Queen Mary. As he is escorted to the Tower of London, Robin spins a tale for his captor, revisiting his life under three Tudor monarchs and wondering how he will be judged—not just by the queen, but by the God he stopped serving long ago.

When every moment counts, will his stories last long enough for him to be saved by Mary’s heir, the young Queen Elizabeth?

Other Book in the The Tudor Court Series:


The Tudor Court, Book One

Publisher: Authors 4 Authors Publishing

Published: November 2019

She has the voice of an angel…

But one false note could send her back to her old life of poverty.

After her father sells her to Henry VIII, ten-year-old Bess builds a new life as a royal minstrel, and earns the nickname “the king’s songbird.”

She comes of age in the decadent Tudor court, where the stakes are always high, and where politics, heartbreak, and disease threaten everyone from the king to the lowliest musician.

Her world has only one constant: Tom, her first and dearest friend. But when Bess intrigues with Anne Boleyn and strains against the restrictions of life at court, will she find that constancy has its limits?

You’ll love this richly-detailed historical novel, because we all want to know what goes on “backstairs at the palace.”


About the Author

Karen Heenan was born and raised in Philadelphia. She fell in love with books and stories before she learned to read and has wanted to write for nearly as long. After far too many years in a cubicle, she set herself free to follow her dreams—which include gardening, sewing, traveling, and of course, lots of writing. She lives in Lansdowne, PA, not far from Philadelphia, with four cats and a very patient husband.

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The Adventures of Bella Cutie and Buttons

Cover of The Adventures of Bella Cutie and Buttons

The Adventures of Bella Cutie and Buttons by Desi Cloete

  • Publisher : The Conrad Press (14 Aug. 2020)
  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 64 pages


The Adventures of Bella Cutie and Buttons Blog Tour banner


‘The Adventures of Bella Cutie and Buttons’ is a funny and truly endearing story about the friendship between a little girl and a fox cub. Bella is a happy child who is curious about the world. Meeting the talkative fox cub Buttons opens her eyes to the beautiful natural world and amazing wildlife on her doorstep. The two friends get up to many funny escapades and the occasional bit of trouble, all portrayed in a charming and light-hearted way. This feel-good book is sure to bring a smile to both children`s and parents` faces.

Desi Cloete, Author


The author, Desi Cloete, lives in the picturesque Surrey Hills with her husband and six-year-old daughter. A keen reader from a young age, she discovered a passion for writing and illustrating short stories. Desi hopes her book will inspire children to value nature and develop an interest in wildlife conservation.

Twitter : @Desi_D_C

My Review

Bella Cutie is a sweet little girl who lives in Southern England with her parents. She meets a little fox cub in her backyard playhouse, when she leaves an oat cookie inside at night. She discovers that the fox’s name is Buttons and he can talk. Buttons lives in the nearby woods and is missing his mother. One day, she just disappeared and Buttons is staying in the den in case she returns.

Bella and Buttons soon become wonderful friends and enjoy playing in the playhouse and backyard. Bella asks her parents if they would accompany Buttons and her on a walk in the woods. Buttons introduces Bella to many woodland animals. Over the summer, the two are inseparable as they have many adventures. They have tea parties and many walks. One day, as they are walking in the woods, a storm has come. Bella and Buttons get separated from Bella’s parents. Then, Buttons seems to vanish and Bella is frightened. She hurries along to a little teepee that she and her parents had built a while ago. There she is safe and dry and falls asleep. Buttons runs to find her parents and they all go to find her.

After many more fun outings, Buttons comes home to find that his mother has returned. She had been injured and rescued. After her wounds healed, she came back home. But, her sad news made Buttons cry. His mother said that they must move to live with other foxes. So, Bella and Buttons have one more day to play together. When the entire group heads to the woods something happens to Buttons. He disappears and his mother can hear him crying. Will he be rescued? Will Buttons and his mother move away? Will Bella ever see Buttons again?

Youngsters will love having this book read aloud to them. It would make a great bedtime read, because each chapter can be read one at a time. The story is cheerful and little ones will be delighted by the fox cub who can talk and play with his young human friend.

Photographed in the Writer’s Room


Photographed in the Writer’s Room

Former TV star Brandi Tyler’s big screen debut crashed and burned amid rumors of an affair with her married co-star… Now, she wants nothing more than to quietly slink away from Hollywood. When she’s offered an opportunity to get out of town and work on a project involving the photographer that launched her career, it seems like the perfect escape! Unfortunately for Brandi, her famous face makes hiding out even a huge city like Houston a little tricky.

When the celebrated photographer’s son offers to let her use his home for privacy, it seems like everything is falling into place. Little does she know that Michael Ames a gorgeous best selling author, and he comes with the package! As Brandi makes her way through old photographs and new scandals, Michael struggles with his next project, and they both fight the growing attraction between them.

Maybe a posse of new girlfriends, some Texas-sized boozy brunches, and a little private time in the writer’s room will help this leading lady find her path back onscreen. And, if she can just picture it, maybe this time she’ll even find love?

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Author Bio

Born in Montreal but raised in New England, author Michelle L. E. Price has been writing as long as anyone can remember. An avid reader who was on the verge of losing her mind as a mom to two small children, Michelle began writing her first book, Hidden in the Writer’s Room, as an escape… at least her characters would do exactly what she told them to do and she could always count on a happily ever after ending. She also enjoys wine, re-watching 90’s sitcoms and occasionally running, but heavily relies on writing to stay sane. Michelle is a firm believer that laughter and love are the best parts of life.

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Guest Post

A little escapism. A little laughter. A little love.

By Michelle L.E. Price

It’s not often that I am at a loss for words. Perhaps that’s one of the benefits of being an author.

However, recently I was interviewed in advance of the release of my second book, Photographed in the Writer’s Room. The staff reporter, in running through a list of pre-written questions asked me why I write… He did not ask why I wrote that particular book or what had inspired me, but just “Why do you write?”

At first, I was stumped. I mean, I guess I thought that nearly everyone writes sometimes, and the only thing that’s different is that some of us choose to publish it. But, that wasn’t quite the whole truth.

After stumbling around a bit, and muttering something about how I love telling stories, I came up with a truthful answer. What I ended up telling him was that I write because I hope that my work, my writing, will offer a carefree, lighthearted take on life. That I hope my writing provides a sweet, enjoyable interlude for anyone that reads it. I write because I genuinely want readers to feel what I feel when I read: the joy of escape, the fun of trying on someone else’s life for a little while, the freedom of letting go of myself just for a few hours and enjoying being somewhere else entirely. I don’t write because I have to, I write because I want the privilege of injecting a tiny bit of fun into another readers life.

As you can imagine, I didn’t exactly set the world on fire with that interview. He wrote the article, and he did his best to make me sound like a serious author. But, I’m pretty sure “laughter and love” wasn’t exactly what he’d been digging for.

Don’t misunderstand me… I am not without dreams of becoming a wildly famous, best-selling author. I mean, I think “New York Times Bestselling Author” has a lovely ring to it. And, certainly, there are lots of fundamentally important topics that I choose to cover in my books: I adore exploring themes of ambition, insecurity, and coping with change. I love writing about women who choose to be brave, who have to figure out what really matters to them, who aren’t sure of their place or their goals but who try anyway. I especially love writing about all kinds of relationships – lasting friendships between wildly different people, akward relationships between co-workers, romantic relationships, complex relationships with parents and adult children, strong female friendships… all of them.

But, if I had to identify my goal in writing, especially for my Writer’s Room series, it’s really simple, and far less lofty.

I want  my readers to smile, and maybe, I want them to fall a little in love.

I read this quote recently by Anne Lamott, an author that nearly everyone generally admires. I’ve even heard her called the Writer’s Writer. She said, in her book Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life, “Writing and reading decrease our sense of isolation. They deepen and widen and expand our sense of life: they feed the soul.” And for me, that kind of says it all…

So, I guess, the reason I write is the same reason I read. A little escapism, a little laughter and a  little love.

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The Knight’s Runaway Maiden Blog Blitz

The Knight’s Runaway Maiden

She hates all Warstones.

Can this one win her love?

Balthus of Warstone secretly loved Séverine, even though she was unhappily married to his brute of a brother, then she fled six years ago. Now her husband is dead, Balthus must find Séverine and reclaim her sons as his father’s heirs. Balthus’ desire is to claim her too, and despite his battle-maimed arm and her distrust of his family, he’ll prove he’s a suitor worthy of such a courageous woman…

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Author Bio –

Nicole is the author of Harlequin/Mills and Boon Lovers and Legends Historical series. If she isn’t working on the next book, she can be reached at, Facebook, and Twitter!

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Six years ago, Séverine of Marteldois, took her two children and ran from her cruel husband, Ian of Warstone. His brother, Balthus, has been chasing her. In this scene, he chased her right over the trap she set for him and he fell into the pit. He already wanted revenge because she ran from his family; what will he do when he realises he can’t get out? More importantly, what will she do now she’s caught him?

‘I think you pushed him too hard into the hole you had made, Mama,’ Pepin announced.

‘She did not,’ Clovis said. ‘How else was he to fall in the hole unless she pushed him? And it’s a trap. Re­member Imbert told us it took months to dig and line with smooth wood like that.’

It was the perfect trap, built inside a hut so no one from the outside could see it, and the truth of what she’d done in hitting Balthus of Warstone over the head and shoving him into it made her stomach curl.

After a few weeks of travel, they’d arrived at their destination. A small village where she had separated from the last of Ian’s servants who’d left with her that fateful day. Sarah and Imbert, the stablemaster, more friends than servants, had helped her enlist the others in the household.

They’d stayed together the longest until this village where she’d given Imbert coin to organise this hut and trap. Wind blasted against the sides of the thin struc­ture. The rain had turned to snow then to slush. The weather was bitter and caustic. Even if they wanted to travel again, it would not be wise. She might have trapped Balthus of Warstone in the pit, but the weather had trapped her, too. It was just as well as she needed to know what danger he’d brought to this tiny village and to her.

‘Tell me what happened,’ she said.

‘It was only him,’ Clovis said. ‘He’s not the man you hit.’

‘Mama doesn’t hit!’ Pepin shouted.

‘Pepin,’ she pleaded. ‘Please.’

Glaring at his brother, Clovis added, ‘He slowed the horse when he got into the square and dismounted. That’s when we showed ourselves to him and ran.’

‘He got lost then!’ Pepin said.

‘And Sarah saw us,’ Clovis added.

Sarah, who must have immediately run to her to tell her to wait in the hut and prepare. So she had, right be­hind the door.

‘What then?’ she asked.

‘I went to the woods like you told me to,’ Pepin said.

‘And a good boy you are for doing so.’ The villagers were about so if harm came, he would be protected, but the woods was his favourite place to hide.

‘I ran here,’ Clovis said.

Clovis had burst through, closed the door and run around to the far side. Balthus hadn’t fought, hadn’t known he’d needed to fight because she’d cracked him over the head with a sturdy branch, pushed, and all that was left had been the sound his body had made when he’d hit the bottom.

Pepin peered over the smooth ledge. ‘Do you think his legs are broken?’

What had she done? She’d hit Balthus on the head merely to disorientate him, but even that felt like too much the way he’d suddenly swayed, then she hadn’t meant to push him so hard, but she was terrified it wouldn’t work. Was it possible he’d broken his legs, his arms…his neck? She hadn’t heard anything snap, but then she could barely hear anything over the roaring in her ears. With far more trepidation than her children’s, she tried to see to the bottom of the pit.

It was as dark as night…which was her intention be­cause enemies didn’t deserve to see. But now she re­alised it was too dark.

She should be glad she’d hit and shoved him too hard. The entire family deserved pain, agony, and yet she felt ill. She needed to know if he’d survived.

‘Clovis, is he still…breathing?’

Eagerly lying near the edge, Clovis peered down; Pepin mimicked him. She threw more kindling on the fire. Perhaps more light up here would provide more light down there.

Fear was closing off her senses… What would she do if the youngest Warstone was dead? Could any amount of hiding save her sons from the family then? And where was the servant she’d first injured?

‘When you ran here, did you see anyone else with him?’

‘No, Mama,’ Pepin said. ‘Did he ruin your hide-and-seek, too?’

‘He’s not moving,’ Clovis said. She’d go mad with this conversation reciting all her fears! She’d hoped this village would be a haven for approaching spring. She wished, fervently, that Balthus had never found her. She didn’t want to run again. But there was no running from a dead Warstone.

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Setsuko and the Song of the Sea Blitz

Setsuko and the Song of the Sea by Fiona Barker (Author), Howard Gray (Illustrator)


Setsuko loves the sea. She swims its shallows. She dives its depths. But she worries that her friends have chosen to abandon her way of life. Then she meets a whale who also fears he is the last of his kind. In return for giving him hope, he gifts her a song which she uses to remind people of the beauty of the ocean. Setsuko took the song and made it her own. They played together from the first crisp light of morning until the setting of the evening sun. Everyone who heard Setsuko’s song was filled with the wonder of the sea. They remembered the beauty and mystery of the ocean. A story of an unlikely friendship, Setsuko and her friend the whale have one thing in common ― their love of the sea. Much like the revered ama-san, ― women who have been diving off the coast of the Shima peninsula in Japan for over 2,000 years ― Setsuko is a strong girl who is on the path to becoming one of these real-life mermaids. 10% of the net profits from each book will be donated to the Marine Conservation Society, the UK charity working for seas full of life. Visit to find out more.


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