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Delayed in Zurich
Delayed in Zurich
Delayed in Zurich
The Vagabond Series Book 1
by Margot Swan
Genre: New Adult Romantic Comedy 
About the Book

Evie Mason is a planner.

Get her degree—check. Go on the perfect holiday—check. Start her dream job—ready and waiting when she gets back—check!

Fox Evans is an adventurer.

No roots. No responsibilities. No plans. Except one—he promised his baby sister, he’d be at her wedding—a promise he intends to keep.

Life plans and weddings are put at risk when a blizzard delays them both in Zurich.

Neither was looking for love but the heady combination of chocolates and alcohol makes sparks fly. When the snow thaws, and it’s time to say goodbye, perfect-plans and promises can’t be ignored.

Will Evie and Fox find their way back to each other, or will it only ever remain a brief stopover romance?

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Vagabond series
They strolled through the streets holding hands, and Evie gloried in the feeling of his fingers intertwined with her own. She adored feeling the heat where their shoulders met and sharing the experience of the sparkling lights along the Champs-Élysées as they cast an enchanting glow to the midnight hour. Cars were still rushing past and cafes and bistros were open, laughter and music spilling out of the doors. She didn’t know what he had planned, but it didn’t matter, all she cared about was being with Fox, and experiencing Paris with him.
Delayed in Zurich teaser

Margot Swan Q & A: Silver Dagger Book Tour

Can you, for those who don’t know you already, tell us something about yourself and how you became an author?

For those who don’t know me, I’m a spoiled wife and momma to four kitties and one fluffy dog. I live in South Africa, love traveling, and I’m a brand-new indie author!

I’ve always been a reader and grew up with a love of fairy tales and a Happily Ever After. My journey to becoming an author started when I became an editor, and with the encouragement of my amazing author friends, here am I—a published indie author. Yay!!!

What are you passionate about these days?

Writing and Traveling! My husband and I try to go overseas every few years. My all-time favorite destinations have been Tokyo, Firenze, and Paris (including Disneyland Paris). We’re already planning our second trip to Japan. Hopefully, I’ll be able to write a book about all the different places I’ve traveled to.

What do you do to unwind and relax?

I am a coffee addict, but when I need to relax I prefer to drink Red Bush tea, it’s an indigenous South African tea—so good. And I love watching movies and TV shows to unwind, especially shows like Great British Bake Off, Forged in Fire, Sugar Rush.

What is something unique/quirky about you?

I love Disney and I also love Dracula. I’m complicated like that. I guess that’s why I gravitate toward Hades and Persephone’s love story. My favorite type of hero is the dark, brooding, sexy asshole who falls in love with his polar opposite.

As a writer, what would you choose as your spirit animal?

I’m naturally drawn toward bears (I have a very cool Build-a-Bear collection—Spock being the jewel of my collection). Why? Well, bears hibernate—I like to nap. Bears love honey—I love all things sweet and chocolate. I also find a man bear very attractive—they snuggle and cuddle better. If I had to choose one type of bear to be, I would be the Red Panda and my hubs would be a Grizzly bear.

What are your top 10 favorite books and authors?

I have so many, so I’ll name my top 10 series. In no particular order: 1. Larissa Ione: Demonica Underworld & Lords of Deliverance Series 2. Christine Feehan: The Drake Sisters Series 3. Kristen Ashley: The ‘Burg Series — and everything she writes 4. Elizabeth Naughton: Eternal Guardians Series 5. Theresa Birmingham: Eagle MC Series 6. J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter Series 7. L.V. Lane: The Controllers Series 8. L. Ann: Forgotten Legacy Series 9. Laura Kaye: Hearts of the Anemoi Series 10. J.R. Ward: Black Dagger Brotherhood Series

Do you see writing as a career?

Absolutely. It is hard work and you have to be dedicated. Having an idea for a book is easy, but writing it down, creating a mood, and bringing characters to life—super hard.

Do you read yourself and if so, what is your favorite genre?

I am an avid reader, before I started editing and now writing, I read an average of 300-400 books a year. My favorite genre is romance, in all its nuances. I read contemporary, sci-fi, omegaverse, dark, paranormal, new adult—everything! As long as there is a love story, I’m happy to read it. What is your writing Kryptonite? Social Media. I’d stop writing to quickly check something on Google or Facebook, and before I know it, an hour has passed and I’ve been looking at pictures of male models for an hour—hey, that’s research too!

Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?

I try to write a book I’d want to read. Being original is being an author. You take a trope or a storyline and make it your own.

What inspired you to write this book?

Being in lockdown, I was yearning to travel, to experience and explore new places. My friend, Holly Gunn, and I got to talking and she felt the exact same way. We thought we couldn’t be the only two people who felt like this, and that’s how the idea started. Now we’re thirteen amazing authors working together to write steamy travel romances. When I started writing this book it allowed me to revisit some of my favorite places in Paris.

What can we expect from you in the future?

I’m writing a novelette about Lauren and Greg. Lauren is Evie’s best friend and Greg is her big brother. It’s going to be a short and sexy friends-to-lovers romance. It’s gonna be a freebie when readers subscribe to my newsletter on my website. Then I’m planning on writing Fox’s brother, Finn’s love story. This is going to be a full-length novel, and we’ll catch up with Evie and Fox again in this book. I’m also going to be writing a short story for a shifter romance boxset—Bring on some tiger shifter love!

Do the characters all come to you at the same time or do some of them come to you as you write?

I usually start with the two main characters, and then the other characters follow. Some characters just slip into the story unexpectedly. Before you know it, they’re telling you about their story, and then I need to write it.

What kind of research do you do before you begin writing a book?

I try to write what I know and write in settings that I’ve experienced. For Delayed in Zurich, my husband and I were stuck in Zurich airport for more than twelve hours, and I’ve holidayed in Paris a few years ago—major bucket-list item checked off. I’ll need to do more research as I continue writing. I’m planning on writing a Paranormal Romance series in 2021. It’s about three demon friends and how their work—harvesting souls for Hell—leads them to finding their soul mates. For that series, there will be more planning to be done, since the backstory isn’t set in reality and I need to keep all the facts straight.

Do you prefer to write in silence or with noise? Why?

Not with noise, but with music. I create a playlist for each book and listen to that on repeat, it helps when you need to set a specific mood. For Delayed in Zurich, Evie’s song was ‘My Mistake’ by Cam and Fox’s song was ‘Chasin’ You’ by Morgan Wallen. And, yes, I love Country Music!

Do you have any “side stories” about the characters?

I do, I’m planning book two, Thawing his Heart, that will be about Fox’s big brother. But I already have a scene planned for Fox and Evie. Evie has a long bucket list of things she wants to do and places she wants to travel to, and in this scene, Fox will give check off one of the items on her list.

Where did you come up with the names in the story?

Evie Mason: I have no clue. I wanted a cute name for my cute leading lady and Evie stuck. Fox Evans: I love X-files and wanted a hot hero with the name Fox in one of my books—his name is also the reason his mom is a hippie.

What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

I liked seeing where the characters took me and the story. I have major plot points planned out for each chapter in the book, but what Fox said or how Evie reacted, that was all them.

Tell us about your main characters- what makes them tick?

Evie is fun, quirky, and sweet. She’s the best friend everyone wants, unpretentious and loyal. She’s spontaneous, but she’s also a planner. She’s just finished college and is on her way to starting her first job—on the cusp of a new beginning. Before she takes that leap into adulthood, she’s taking a solo trip to Paris. Hoping for a fling with a sexy French man and making memories to treasure when she’s back home. She wasn’t expecting a broken heart before she even reached her destination. Fox is impulsive, restless, and a rover. He doesn’t make plans. He wanders, and sees, and experiences everything life has to offer. He’s been traveling for the last ten years, roaming from city to city and country to country. He doesn’t want any commitments or responsibilities, so when he meets Evie at the airport, he’s surprised by the sudden and intense feelings he develops, and needs to make an important decision: follow his heart and Evie or, for once in his life, keep his promises.

What is your favorite part of this book and why?

I can’t tell you — Spoilers! But I can say it takes place in Paris. Did You Know? Delayed in Zurich had over twelve drafts before I felt like I could hit publish. It’s super scary hitting that submit button and hoping people like and enjoy the story you wrote—it’s like sending your kids to school and hoping they make friends.

Sinfully Romantic
Margot Swan has always been able to lose herself between the pages of a book–to become a part of the story.
It has been one of her dreams to become an author, to weave her own stories and create spectacular worlds. Stories carried her through tough times, and books were her best friends when friends were scarce.
Margot Swan lives for a Happily Ever After. She’s been called a sappy romantic, and she wears that badge with pride. Love stories are life, and the books she reads and writes need to be blissful.
Now, after years of encouragement, she’s a writer of Contemporary and Paranormal Romance.

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A Taste of Love Blog Tour & Giveaway

A Touch of Love banner
Book Cover
A Taste of Love
Senses of Love Book 3
by Kyle Shoop
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
About the Book

Dashing. Funny. Confident. Empathetic.
Two different men share these traits. Which one will Nikki pick?
Nikki had two goals in life: to become a famous wedding chef and to find love. She always felt that only one of these goals was realistic, while the other seemed like a dream influenced by her years of being a server at other people’s weddings in downtown New York City. But which goal would it be? Would it ever be her turn to wear the wedding dress?
Nikki wasn’t just trying to find a husband, she was looking for love. Or, rather, she was interviewing to find it – on first dates, twice a week. At the same restaurant. At the same table. With the same rehearsed lines and questions. But with different men. After a year, she was a pro at first dates and judging which men were right for her: none.
But then it happened. Nikki actually asked a guy out on a second date. Was she finally on the path to love? He was, after all, dashing, funny, confident, and empathetic – easily checking all of her boxes.
But then it happened … again. This time by happenstance. A second date with a different guy. He, too, was dashing, funny, confident, and empathetic – but in a different way. Nikki was in trouble. That lofty goal of finding love had backfired. Now, she was in love with two different men.
Love is the sweetest adventure. One with more ingredients than just check-boxes. But when faced with two different recipes for love, which one will Nikki choose?
Experience the new book in the compelling “Senses of Love” romance anthology series. The first two books, The Sound of Love and The Sight of Love, are also available. The books in the series may be read in any order.
The Sound of Love
Senses of Love Book 1
The Sight of Love
The Sight of Love
Senses of Love Book 2

Kyle Shoop is a multi-genre author of compelling stories. His new “Senses of Love” series is a romance series that provides rewarding and inspirational stories.
Kyle is also the author of the Acea Bishop Trilogy, which is an action-packed fantasy series. All books in that series are now available, with Acea and the Animal Kingdom being the first book.
At a young age, Kyle was recognized for his storytelling by being awarded the first-place Gold Key award for fiction writing in Washington State. After spending several years volunteering in his wife’s elementary classrooms, he was inspired to write the Acea Bishop Trilogy. He is now motivated to finish his the new romance series. In addition to writing novels, Kyle is also a practicing attorney.
Kyle and is wife and two children are currently living in Utah.

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Maisy and the Mystery Manor

Book Review
Maisy and the Mystery Manor

Maisy and the Mystery Manor (The Maisy Files #3)by Elizabeth WoodrumGenre: Mystery Age category: Middle Grade Release Date: October 17, 2015

Blurb: Super sleuths will be thrilled to know that everyone’s favorite fourth-grade detective is back with a double dose of mystery adventure! As Maisy participates in a mystery weekend event for junior detectives, she uncovers a real case. Could a ghost be haunting Mystery Manor? Find out in the exciting third installment of The Maisy Files!

You can find Maisy and the Mystery Manor on Goodreads You can buy Maisy and the Mystery Manor here: – AmazonAmazon Paperback

Maisy and the Missing Mice

Maisy and the Missing Mice (The Maisy Files #1)by Elizabeth WoodrumGenre: Mystery Age category: Middle Grade Release Date: October 5, 2013

Blurb: When a mysterious thief called The Black Boot takes credit for stealing the school’s mascots, Maisy Sawyer has a mystery to solve! Maisy is the best detective in fourth grade. No, she’s the best detective in the whole school, and rescuing the little mice is her new mission. Raising the stakes, The Black Boot has also taken Maisy’s famous lollipop collection and warns her to stop searching for the mice if she ever wants to see her lollipops again. Follow the clues as Maisy tries to discover the identity of The Black Boot in this first adorable installment. Dive into Maisy’s world of mysteries and lollipops today!

You can find Maisy and the Missing Mice on Goodreads You can buy Maisy and the Missing Mice here: – AmazonAmazon Paperback

Maisy and the Money Marauder

Maisy and the Money Marauder (The Maisy Files #2) by Elizabeth WoodrumGenre: Mystery Age category: Middle Grade Release Date: February 17, 2015

Blurb: Maisy is back! Lunch money has been stolen at West Valley Elementary, and everyone’s favorite fourth-grade detective in on the case. With a cherry lollipop in hand, her fedora, and her trusty notebook, Maisy steps into her black and white mystery world to search for clues. Join Maisy on her quest to unmask a thief in Maisy and the Money Marauder.

You can find Maisy and the Money Marauder on Goodreads You can buy Maisy and the Money Marauder here: – AmazonAmazon Paperback

About the Author: Elizabeth Woodrum has been a teacher for thirteen years. She came to love writing when she was in elementary school, but more recently began writing material for use in her classroom. From that writing, grew the desire to write books for the general population of children and adults alike. The Maisy Files, a children’s series, is the first series that she has published. As a reader, Elizabeth prefers the fantasy genre, but she enjoys realistic fiction as well. Some of her favorite authors include JK Rowling, Rick Riordan, Veronica Roth, Suzanne Collins, and Nicholas Sparks. Originally from Indiana, Elizabeth currently lives in Ohio with her two pets: a cat named Butterscotch and a dog named Reese Cup. You can find and contact Elizabeth here: –


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My review

If you have a mystery to solve, you better go ahead and call Maisy. The cute and spunky Maisy is a determined fourth grader who loves being a good little detective. She’s been learning from some of the best detectives, and even has a cherry lollipop behind her ear. Now, her parents have surprised her with a Mystery Manor weekend.

As she packs for the trip, she can hardly believe her luck! Her parents have bought 3 tickets and even a new trench-coat! She is totally ready and puts on her Fedora hat. What a super-sleuth!

Mystery Manor is a 150 year-old house that is the perfect stage to have a mystery weekend. The hosts have set up great pretend mystery. A jeweled tiara disappears and each of the junior detectives is given the task to solve the case.

The entire time at Mystery Manor is scripted, and the parents are involved. Everyone has a part to play and it’s so much fun for Maisy and her best friend, Veronica. As they look for clues, it doesn’t take them too long to solve the case. But, then another mystery appears!

The children are spooked a little by sounds and something white flying by the window at night. Is the house haunted? What’s really happening? Will Maisy solve this second mystery? Read the book and discover for yourself.

This book will be a fun read for elementary school students (grades 3-6). Children will even love a read-aloud of this story.

@2020, copyright Lisa Ehrman

The Star and the Shamrock

Star and the Shamrock

Disclosure: Affiliate link included.

The Star and the Shamrock

Book Review: The Star and the Shamrock by Jean Grainger

The Star and the Shamrock is Book 1 of 4 books in a series. The historical fiction begins in Berlin, 1939. Two Jewish children, Liesl and Erich, are leaving using the Kindertransport. This system helped to save Jewish children from the Holocaust.

The desperate Jewish mother had already lost her husband to the Nazis, and promised her children that she would find them after the war. Her husband’s cousin lived in Liverpool and agreed to take the children in as her own.

Elizabeth Klein, the main character, had married a Jewish-German man, but he had died in the first WW. She was a school teacher and had no children of her own. The story is full of action and adventure. The damage of war caused Elizabeth and the children to relocate to Ireland and her family home.

She then starts to teach school in her hometown and meets many Jewish refugees, including Daniel. There is danger, even in her small Irish village and the story is mysterious as the reader doesn’t know what will happen next.

I won’t add any more details, as to spoil the unfolding plot. The book, written by a USA Today Best-Selling author, is well written and held my attention easily. It’s not a hard read, but leaves you cheering for the characters to win in the end.

There are three more books in the series, and I’ll look forward to reading them, too. It’s a feel-good book, and I recommend it.

@2020, copyright Lisa Ehrman

Halloween Jokes And Riddles for Kids


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Book Review

Book Review of Halloween Jokes and Riddles for Kids: 500 of the Funniest & Spookiest Child Friendly Halloween Jokes, Riddles, and Activities to Get the Whole Family Spooked. Jenny Jacobs is the author. She’s written 10 chapters that are divided into various Halloween themes.

Your children will soon be planning their Halloween costumes this year. With covid-19 hanging around, it remains to be seen what type of trick-or-treating will be available. But whatever happens, a great book of jokes and riddles can be a celebration in itself.

As I read through this book, I’m not very sure if you would classify these jokes as truly scary, but they are cute. And, telling a good joke will certainly get your children in the Halloween spirit. Is that a pun?

Knock-Knock Jokes:

Knock, Knock! Who’s there? Phillip Phillip who? Phillip my bag with all your candy please!

Here are some cute Question and Answer jokes:

What did the ghost say when he made a mistake? I made a Boo-boo.

Why did the cyclops quit his teaching job? He only had one pupil.

Why won’t a witch wear a baseball cap? There’s no point.

How do you make a skeleton laugh? Tickle her funny bone!

What kind of bear doesn’t have any teeth? A gummy bear!


Where do you find Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson? In a graveyard.

Did you hear about the mad scientist who got a new lab? He names him Fido!

There are a few mazes and word search puzzles scattered throughout the book, too.

If your children love jokes and riddles, this book will be one of their favorites. They’ll have lots of fun, even if you don’t. I’m giving away my favorite form of humor….sarcasm.

This book comes in paperback and kindle versions. I reviewed the kindle format.

@2020, copyright Lisa Ehrman

Holly For President

Holly For President

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Holly For President

Book Review: Holly For President – Holly Lewis Mystery Series Book 9

Holly For President is a YA book written by Dianne Harman. Dianne is a USA Today Bestselling Author. The book comes in paperback or Kindle, and you can purchase it at Amazon. This book features the main character, Holly Lewis.

Holly lives a busy life with high school and working at the bookstore. Her friends convince her to run for Junior Class President. She is not too sure about it, but goes along with the plan.

Soon after she becomes a candidate, strange things start to happen. She becomes the victim of bullying that gets progressively worse each day. The bully really attacks her in front of everyone in school, humiliating her with their rude attacks.

Holly goes through many emotions and her family and friends encourage her throughout this time. She has to face so much pain and also has to deal with her inner pain from her mother’s death.

This is an enjoyable book and you’ll want to cheer Holly on when you read this. If you like feel-good YA books, Holly For President will be on your Want to Read list. I recommend it, especially now with the rampant bullying problem in our country and schools.

@2020, copyright Lisa Ehrman